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The Tie Down Zip Rail Complete Kit secures your job site by improving rooftop accessibility. This system provides workers full mobility and access to the edge without a harness, lanyard, and anchor.

Install this system easily on a parapet wall or flat roof edge. The kit comes with everything needed for 355’/420’ of fall protection.

Worried about transporting this kit to the roof? The one stackable container with forklift pockets and hoisting rings make rooftop delivery easy. New OSHA Rule in effect: Walking Working Surfaces, #1910.28, please comply with this as well as all local, State and Federal OSHA rules

Zip Rail Complete Kit Contents: Compression & Gravel Stop Brackets (x36) 10’ Zip Rail, Yellow TS22 Coated (x64) Adjustable Zip Rail 5’ - 8’., Zinc Finish (x8) Adjustable Zip Rail 32”- 48”, Zinc Finish (x4) Zip Rail Stanchions, Yellow TS22 Coated (x36) Corner Bracket Assembly Yellow TS22 (x12) Safety Locking Pin (x36) Zip Rail Stack Container (x1)