Rentals - Extension Planks

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Extension Planks

Positive stops on the plank prevent overextending. Molded thermo-plastic spacer guides allow for easy open/close action. Made of 2in deep box section extrusions. Heavy end flange/handles for rigidity and ease of operation. Outer flange is open for ladder jack clamps. The extruded cross members are riveted with solid aluminum rivets. Locking mechanism sets the plank in 12 in increments. 250 pound load capacity.

Ideal For Use On

  • Stepladders
  • Telescoping multi-ladders
  • Extension trestle ladders 
  • Extension/single straight ladders equipped with ladder jacks.

Sizes Available to Rent

  • 6'-9' 
  • 8'-13'
  • 10'-17'