Rentals - Power Hoist & Siding Brakes

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Power Hoists 

Safe, Convenient and Reliable, the Classic 400 is a hoist you can trust to get the job done.  With up to 400 lbs. lifting capacity and a variety of packages to choose from, the Classic 400 has been the choice of construction professionals for 75 years.

Classic 400

Load Capacity

400 lbs.

Lift Speed

110 fpm

Platform Size

24 in. x 24 in.

Track (3-3/4 in. Side Rail)

24 in. wide




Sizes Available to Rent 

  • 28' Power Hoist 
  • 44' Power Hoist
  • Power Drive Only (1.5 hp Electric Motor)



Siding Brakes 

PRO 14 brake easily produces high-quality custom pieces for any siding and roofing application, from soffit and fascia to custom brickmold, sill trim, window casing, chimney flashing and more.


The PRO 19 brake reduces time-consuming handling and flipping of material for more efficient creation of soffit, fascia, custom brickmold, gutter aprons, chimney flashing, drip edges, window casing and sill trim, and roof flashing.