Rentals - Scaffolding

All Scaffolding Equipment Available for Rent

Rentals by the day/week/month. Please Call 860-657-9252 for a rental quote, or email

Delivery & Pick Up Available

 Frames & Access Ladder Frames We carry frame widths including 24", 30", 42", 4' and 5' wide, and 2', 3', 4', 5', and 6' tall in heavy-duty and light-duty. A 7'6" tall pedestrian walkway frame is also available. Not all widths are available in all heights. Please call for specifications. 
Access Ladders These external access ladders provide a method for climbing any tower and can be assembled with the tower or after the tower has been fully erected. 
Casters Casters are used to create mobile scaffolding. They must be secured to frame legs. Casters have rubber tires that swivel and are equipped with locks.
Base Plates

Base plates provide footing for frame assembly on level surfaces. Has four nail holes in base.

Swivel base plates provide footing for frame assembly on uneven and angled surfaces. Has four nail holes in base

Leveling Jacks

Leveling jack for use with base plates, casters or shoring heads


Putlogs are used to span doorways to build around obstructions to connect frame towers and to solve other long-span applications. 

Side Arms 

Used to extend work area outward.

End Arms

Used to extend work area outward.


Cross braces are used to brace the frame with drop locks at various spacing.

Diagonal braces offer corner-to-corner diagonal stability to scaffold towers that are cross braces or straddle braced. 

Straddle braces offer maximum clearance for passage of frame towers around obstructions. 

Toe Boards

 Toe boards are used to enclose the work platform area of a single tower. 


 Swivel clamps and right-angle clamps are designed to fit standard duty scaffold frames.


Outrigger brackets for use with rolling tower to provide wider base to stabilize mobile scaffold tower. 

Coupling Pins 

For use with vanguard standard duty frames.

Toggle Pins

Toggle pin is a solid pin with swivel bar. In open position to insert, in closed position.

Locking Pin/Hair Pin

Locking pin is used to lock frames and accessories together. The hair pin is spring steel to prevent locking pin from becoming dislodged. 

Pigtail Locking Pin

Pigtail locking pin is fitted through tubing and secured in position.