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 How to Use:  Start out with Xtenda-Leg® shafts to be lowered.  Erected the ladder true for use.  If ground is not level, one leg will be holding all the weight, that is the leg you squeeze the locking plates (thumb on lock plates and forefinger on lower black bracket) till plates are horizontal (this will allow shaft to be able to move up or down freely), allow weight of ladder to lower were then booth feet are touching the ground, stop squeezing lock plates.  That’s it you're ready to use ladder. 

Ref. Extension Ladders should be used at 75.5º angle to supporting wall.

Included with each Xtenda-Leg® Ladder Levelers, installation hardware, to install on standard Fiberglass or Aluminum ladders. 

If you plan to install on Metallic brand Window Washers Ladders, or equivalent style ladders having a unique 1” thick Ladder legs, you will need longer bolt lengths of 1.5” rather than normal 1” length included with standard installation hardware that comes with #600 or #700 Xtenda-Leg® Ladder Levelers

To get 1.5" long bolts, order our optional bolt kit part# 803 which gives you 8pc Hex Bolt partial thread 1/4-20x1.5"