Werner Type IAA Fiberglass Manhole Ladder M7100-1

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Product Description

The M7100-1 Manhole ladders feature replaceable plastic sleeves that protect the upper rails from manhole damage. These sleeves increase the longevity of the ladder. The combination rail shield and shoe protects the bottom of the rails from damage. The exclusive ALFLO® rung joint means TWIST-PROOF® performance, and these ladders also have a duty rating of 375 pounds. The vinyl coated aluminum hoop end caps are ideal for easily removing the ladder from the manhole. The TRACTION-TRED® round rungs are slip resistant.

  • Narrow 12-3/8 in width design is ideal for special purposes like work in manholes

  • Exclusive ALFLO® rung joint means TWIST-PROOF® performance

  • Large platform provides secure and comfortable work area

  • LOCKTOP™ extended guard rail securely wraps around work zone and holds an arsenal of tools

  • Available as a factory installed accessory. Contact your dealer for details.

  • Design for one or two-person jobs

  • EDGE® bracing system helps to decrease damage to rail