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The Werner LiteFit H332000 Series Positioning Harness with 3 D-rings provides the right harness, the right fit, and the right value. In the event of a fall arrest, simply pull the patented Relief Handles to achieve the Gravity Override position, to help reduce the potential hazards of suspension trauma. The design allows for 5-point adjustments for optimal fit, lightweight hardware and bright colors for worker visibility on the jobsite. Rear dorsal D-ring is made from high quality alloy steel for strength and durability, and has an adjustable pad for worker convenience and fit. hip D-rings for positioning applications. Slotted pass-through buckle on the chest strap and tongue buckle leg straps are simple, fast, easy, and ideal when more than one worker could use the same harness.

Models: H332001, H332002, H332004, H332005


  • Built in Relief Handles provide immediate relief after a fall arrest allowing you to reach a gravity override seated position

  • Multiple impact indicators make inspection easier

  • Sliding back D-ring for adjustability

  • Hip D-rings for positioning applications

  • Slotted pass through buckles on the chest strap fastens without twisting

  • Tongue buckle legs straps - ideal when multiple workers use the same harness

  • 5-point adjustments for optimal fit

  • Meets ANSI z359.11 Standard for Full Body Harnesses


Family LiteFitâ„¢
Style Positioning (3 D Rings)
Good/Better/Best Good
Back D-Ring Yes
Side D-Rings Yes
Chest Strap Buckle Slotted Pass-Thru
Leg Strap Buckles Tongue Buckle
Lanyard Keeper Yes
Certifications / Code ANSI z359.11
Size S-XXL
Approx. Shipping Weight (lb) 5
Material Polyester
Multiple impact indicators make inspection easier Yes
Slotted pass through buckles on the chest strap fastens without twisting Yes