Vanguard Cap Ladder Rack

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Fits trucks with cab height caps. 25" clearance from foot plate to bottom of adjustable cross bar.
Rack may be removed from extendo-plate without disturbing cap seal.

Steel Tubing: 1.625" O.D. - .097" wall thickness
Leg Plates: Angle Iron (2" x 2") x 9½" x 3\16"
Extendo Plates: 6" x 12" x ⅛⅜"
(Order special extendo plates for Ford F150)
Load Capacity: 500 lbs., uniformly distributed
Color Finish: Black, White

UPS Acceptable

Includes two (2) Ladder Positioners

(Special extendo-plates are required for 1997 and newer Ford F150; 2007 and newer Toyota Tundra; 2007 and newer Chevy Silverdo and GMC Sierra; 2005 and newer Nissan Titan.)

We strongly recommend using Vanguard's Horizontal Bars (Model No. LR-HB)
Note: LRUNC will not fit skirted/wrap over caps.
Note: LRUNC-HL will not fit skirted/wrap over caps.
A special horizontal bar is needed for beds less than 68" in length.

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