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TUF-Tower Baker Scaffolding

American Ladders & Scaffolds

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Product Description

Tuf-Tower - Base Unit (Price includes platform board and wheels).

Tuf-Tower components are not interchangeable with other manufacturers' units.

To order individual parts, please visit the Tuf-Tower Components page.

Note: Determine which product you need from the table below and then select the corresponding model number from the radio buttons above. That individual product's price will be presented in red above.

TT66B Tuf-Tower -  Base Unit - 30" W x 6' H x 6' L 138
TT68B Tuf-Tower - Base Unit - 30" W x 6' H x 8' L 162
TT36B Tuf-Tower - Base Unit - 30" W x 3' H x 6' L 102