Safewaze 2-Person Extended Top Ladder Climb System, Complete Kit

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2-Person/Extended Top System

This Extended Top Ladder Climb System is engineered for durability and convenience with a 48″ top bracket extension, providing added security for ladders with walk-through handrails. The 2-person flexible cable kit is easily installed on standard rung attachments.


  • 4' extended, 2-person top bracket with energy-absorbing head unit
  • 3/8" corrosion-resistant galvanized steel cable
  • Pre-swaged termination for added protection
  • 3,600 lb. single user anchor point
  • Tension retaining base bracket adjusts to conditions
  • All mounting hardware included
  • Product inspection label included
  • Cable sleeve and intermediate guides sold separately


Materials: Zinc-plated steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum
Length: 30', 50', 70', 90'
System Weight: 39.4 lbs, 44.3 lbs, 49.2 lbs, 53.1 lbs
Weight Capacity: 130-310 lbs. (59-141 kg)
System Capacity: Up to 620 lbs. (281 kg)
OSHA Standards: 1926.1053, 1910.29