Ranger Design #N4-PS20-8 8 Piece Parts Case

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Organize small parts, hardware and tools with a durable, secure Ranger Design 8-piece parts case.

An Efficient, Secure Small Parts Organizer by Ranger Design

This Ranger Design 8-piece parts case makes organizing smaller parts hassle-free so that you remain efficient and productive on the job. The eight stackable parts cases feature removable, adjustable bins that allow you to store smaller components. The unit's stackable parts cases also feature locking lips to secure your equipment while you travel.

Why Use the Ranger Design 8-Piece Parts Keeper?

This product offers several benefits, including:

  • Organization: Storing your small parts in designated spaces ensures you can retrieve them quickly and easily to boost productivity.
  • Security: Prevent spillage and disorganization of your parts, tools and hardware during transit with this unit's locking cabinet cases. 
  • Inventory management: This unit helps you track your inventory and restock items easier.

Material Information

The Ranger Design #N4-PS20-8 8-piece parts case features eight stackable, removable cases with adjustable bins that make swapping smaller parts for larger tools and components a breeze. This parts keeper case measures 16 inches deep by 20 inches wide by 44.5 inches tall and weighs 85 pounds. 

Organize Small Parts With a Ranger Design Parts Case