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Aerodynamic and Lightweight

Work hard, look stylish and stay safe. The AluRack features the industry’s original rolling bar, which makes it safe and easy to load bulky sheets of plywood, drywall, pipe and even weekend toys from the back of the van. The lightweight, yet rugged design can carry all of your cargo and withstand challenging weather conditions.

Plus, the aerodynamic design looks modern, reduces fuel consumption and ensures almost silent travel.


Improves Productivity

Easily unload and load cargo with assistance from the standard rear roller.


Durable, lightweight anodized aluminum enhances vehicle’s professional image.


Maintain vehicle warranty and resale value with no holes to drill.


Winner of ergonomic awards in USA, France, Germany, and Australia.


Provides the most versatile way to transport your cargo.



Clear Anodized Models Black Anodized Models Vehicle Wheelbase Vehicle Height Crossbar Quantity Crossbar Width Weight Documents
AR1303-S AR1303-S-BLK 135 IN or 155 IN 84 IN 8 67″ 80 lbs Technical Download