Weather Guard Electrical Contractor Van Package

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WEATHER GUARD Electrical Contractor Van Packages are designed to provide a pre-selected assortment of van accessories for your convenience. These packages help to streamline commercial van interior setup, so you’ll be able to get out on the road quickly and easily. The packages may include drawer cabinets, adjustable van shelving, a shelf door, a van bulkhead, Pack Rat pull out storage, and various van accessories, allowing you to create a custom van interior that works for you. Featuring van storage and van shelving , these packages are ideal for electricians and electrical contractors who have a large number of tools and equipment that need to be stored securely and safely during transport. Additional products are available to create a more customized van interior that meets all of your specific needs.


  • Packages may include adjustable van shelving, drawer cabinets, a shelf door, van accessories, and a van bulkhead
  • Additional products are available to create a custom van solution


**PRICING STARTING AT $4,457.00 - Each van package is customized, our sales team will contact you regarding vehicle information**