Weather Guard HVAC/Mechanical Contractor Van Package

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HVAC professionals and mechanical contractors can now streamline their setup with HVAC/Mechanical Van Packages from WEATHER GUARD. Choose from packages for a variety of sizes and commercial van interiors, including secure storage cabinets with multiple drawers, van shelving, shelf doors, tank racks, and storage bins. Units may include van bulkheads to protect against shifting loads, as well as other van products to optimize storage solutions. Van bulkheads may be fixed or include a swinging door for travel between compartments. Adding van roof racks and mounting kits creates a comprehensive solution for mechanical professionals. Use these van packages to create custom van interiors, boost productivity on the job site, increase the number and scope of jobs you can take on, and streamline workflow.


    • Packages may include adjustable cargo van shelving, drawer cabinets, a shelf door, accessories, and a van bulkhead
    • Additional products are available to create a custom van solution

**PRICING STARTING AT $4,709 - Each van package is customized, our sales team will contact you regarding vehicle information**