Weather Guard General Service/Contractor Van Package

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The WEATHER GUARD General Service/Contractor Van Packages are specially designed to aid in streamlining van setup, providing a custom storage solution that works for you without the hassle of picking out products individually. The packages feature a pre-selected assortment of van accessories chosen specifically for basic jobs and worksites. These packages cater directly to general service providers and often include accessories such as a van bulkhead, adjustable van shelving, drawer cabinets, shelf doors, and Pack Rat pull out storage and accessories. With the work van equipment, cargo van shelving, and other van products included in these comprehensive packages, you’ll be able to hit the road quickly to head to jobs, while making the setup of your commercial van interior convenient and painless. Additional van products are also available to create a more uniquely customized van solution.


  • Packages may include adjustable van shelving, drawer cabinets, a shelf door, cargo van accessories, and a van bulkhead
  • Additional products are available to create a custom van storage solution