Little Giant Ladder Adjustable Plank

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The Little Giant® Telescoping Plank™ turns your multi-position ladder into trestle-and-plank scaffolding when you attach Trestle Brackets™* to your ladder. The Plank hooks securely to the ladder rungs of the inner and outer section of your ladder to give you a comfortable, solid platform to stand on while you paint, hang drywall or install light fixtures. The Telescoping Plank allows you to replace expensive and labor-intensive scaffolding systems and adjusts to the length you need—available in 6’ to 9’, 8’ to 13’, 9’ to 15’ sizes. The lightweight Telescoping Plank is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and is rated to hold two people with a maximum weight of 500 lbs.

*Trestle Brackets sold separately



90° Position No
Tip & Glide Wheels™ No
V-Bar No
Ratchet Levelers No
Ground Cue No
Air Deck Ports No
Claw No
Scaffolding Position No

Shipping Specifications

Ship length 8.08 ft
Ship Width 1.08 ft
Ship Height 3 in
Ship Weight 25.4 lb