Jobsite Safety Kage 139-SK

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KNAACK Safety Kage provides unique job site storage. This unit allows for ventilated storage for fall protection to hang, preventing cuts, abrasions, and water damage. The Safety Kage provides convenient and easy opening storage for all of your emergency supplies, Including a first aid kit*, fire extinguisher* and eye wash*. Integrated WATCHMAN IV lock system with 3 point latching.

Overall Dimensions:

  • 60" Overall Height (from bottom of skid)

  • 60" Overall width

  • 30" Overall Depth


  • Capacity - 47-5 Cu. Ft.

  • 6" Wheel Casters Available

  • First Aid Kit opening 17" X 20.8" X 7.8"

  • Fire Extinguisher Opening 9" X 26" X7.8"

  • Eye Wash Opening 18.5" X 14.5" X 4.5"

  • 18 Hooks available for hanging and organizing fall protection and other PPE

  • Lime Green Exterior for easy visibility on the jobsite

Knaack provides maximum security against theft 24/7. No one has a better track record of
proven protection. Well beyond traditional tool storage and security, Knaack innovation takes
jobsite protection to the next level. Knaack designs and builds product with a customer focus
to provide the best in productivity, user safety, security, and ergonomics
*First aid kit, fire extinguisher and eye wash station are NOT included