Honeywell Northflex Cold Grip Work Gloves

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NorthFlex-Cold Grip represents a new generation of insulating gloves that provides great comfort in cold conditions. The Cold Grip is ideally suited to tasks where workers need protection from the cold, but don't want to give up comfort and dexterity. The glove features a soft and wearer-friendly brushed synthetic lining and a 100% nylon outer layer. The construction is seamless and stretchy to provide unparalleled levels of dexterity and comfort, even at the lowest temperatures. The foamed PVC coating provides outstanding wet and dry grip as well as a high level of abrasion resistance. It also extends to the knuckles for additional mechanical protection for the backs of the hands. Foamed PVC also retains its flexibility at low temperatures, so functionality is not compromised. The gloves are fully launderable for extended use and added value. 

  • Liner provides superior insulation from the cold down to -15ºF (-26ºC)
  • Stretchy and form fitting design offers a high level of comfort and fit
  • Foam PVC coating offers exceptional abrasion resistance, wet and dry grip
  • Coating won't stiffen when cold, so glove retains its flexibility Latex-free

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