Adrian Steel Dual Shelf Parcel Delivery Van Package

American Ladders & Scaffolds

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The world depends on you to deliver the goods that keep the economy moving. That's why Adrian Steel engineered products to build a custom upfit solution for your work van that makes it easier to get the job done. Check out the Parcel Delivery Solution!

Live A Better Last‑Mile Lifestyle

Delivery businesses keep the world running. Last mile employees deliver hundreds of packages a day, walking mile after mile while climbing in and out of their van with packages at every stop. The right upfit will make your job easier and safer, help you save time and money, and let you focus on what matters most in your life!

Features That Make Your Work Easier

You deliver essential items like food and medicine, memories like birthday gifts and anniversary presents, and simple pleasures like a book or that one special painting needed to make a house feel like home. We've designed each component of the Parcel Delivery Upfit with the knowledge of how you work in mind! Stay organized, stay safe, and move on to the next delivery quickly.