Adrian Steel Electrician Van Package

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As an electrician you wire new homes and buildings or make minor service calls, but no matter what, your tools stay the same: wire reels, power/hand tools, connectors, and various other small parts. Keep it organized so you can be more productive on the job. Our personalized upfit solutions make it easier to perform your job safely, accurately, and with much greater efficiency.

Zap Inefficiency

Electrical upfit solutions like wire reel holders for easy organization and access to your wire, hooks to hang manifolds, or portable parts cases to easily transport small parts to and from the jobsite and ladder racks for step and extension ladders.

Your Upfit, Your Way

Electrical contractors carry a huge number of tools, equipment, and parts – and these items need to be kept organized and accessible. That’s why we design upfits around you and your needs. Your story and situation are unique. Tell us what you need and we’ll help you create a personalized upfit that works for you.

You have a unique story – and we want to hear it.