AC63 Podium Gate

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The AC63 Podium Gate attaches to any Werner Podium as a field install accessory providing 360 degrees of contact when standing on the top platform step. Gate easily swings opens and locks closed when ascending and descending the ladder. Entire gate folds up for easy storage. Great for all trades.


    • Easily retrofitted; convenient and affordable.

    • Fully surrounds the user

    • Helps keep the ladder user inside the ladder footprint

    • Work facing any direction

  • Neatly collapses for easy access and storage


Feature Size / Details
Style Stepladder Accessory
Type Gate
User or Factory Installed User
Approx. Shipping Weight Lbs. 6
Approx. Product Width 25in
Material Aluminum
Approx. Cu. Ft. Per Unit 0.34
Approx. Cu. M per Unit 0.01
Approx. Product Weight Lbs. 4.5