Plated Steel Roof Anchor with D-Ring

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This Werner reusable roof anchor has a pivoting design, which makes for easy transport, installation, removal, and storage. It is meant for temporary use on wood rooftops, and fits up to 12/12 roof pitch. It features a versatile D-ring for easy connections. It is made of weather resistant plated steel and fasteners are included.



    • D-ring for easy connections

    • Made with weather resistant plated steel

    • Comes with fasteners included

    • Use only 3 in #12 hex head stainless steel screws to install the anchor (6 per leg into the rafters and sheathing). Install all 12 screws.

    • Pivoting design makes for easy transport, installation, removal, and storage

  • Fits up to 12/12 roof pitch



Feature Size / Details
Application (General (all purpose), Steel, Concrete, Roof) Roof
Style Roof
Permanent/Temporary Temporary
Material Steel