Baseline R530007 SRL's with Steel Carabiner and Twin Leg Attachment

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The R531007 7ft Baseline Personal self-retracting lifeline provides durable performance in a compact size. A rugged aluminum housing protects an internal braking mechanism that keeps fall arrest distance < 36 in. Available in 7ft and 11ft lengths of tough Dyneema webbing, Baseline offers a range of lifeline hook options and the 7ft model can be combined into a twinleg model with an adaptor carabiner for 100% tie-off applications.


  • Robust 7ft Dyneema web working length
  • Aluminum Housing with swivel top
  • Minimizes Fall Arrest Distance to less than 36 inches
  • Twin Leg Carabiner Adaptor included
  • Engraved Serial Number and Date of Manufacture aids inspection
  • Meets ANSI z359.14, Class B and OSHA Standards


Approx. Product Length (ft) 7
Lifeline Material Webbing
Housing Connector Steel Carabiner
Housing Material Aluminum
Anchorage Connector Twinleg Carabiner Adapter
Lifeline Connector Snap Hook
Certifications ANSI z359.14, Class B, OSHA Standards