About Us


Bootstrapping THE OLD SCHOOL WAY……



Jamie and Kevin unloaded their first truckload of ladders into their Glastonbury, CT warehouse over 30 years ago. Initially, they only offered a limited line of products with no other services. Soon after opening, a customer asked for van cabinets and shelves. They ordered the van equipment from another dealer, bought a few cordless drills at Sears, and installed it. This is how the truck and van equipment division got started!



One day, Kevin and Jamie received an order for 100 ladders to be delivered to a new casino, called Foxwoods. There was just one problem, they did not have a delivery truck. So Jamie went home, got his snowmobile trailer and they hooked it up to the family minivan. Kevin drove off to the casino in the minivan towing a trailer full off 100 blue fiberglass ladders. This is how the delivery service started.



Over the years they continued to add products and services. Now they have three warehouses, located in Connecticut and Massachusetts, as well as an ecommerce website with thousands of products available for delivery nationwide.