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There are many reasons you should purchase a truck box. First and foremost, it allows you to be more organized. Organization is essential with any job. Being able to find the right tools when you need them will save you time, as they say time is money! A truck box will also improve the appearance of your vehicle. Appearance is everything in the business world. Don’t give your customers the wrong first impression as you search through your truck bed trying to find the right tools.   

A truck box is a great investment to protect and store your tools. Tools are expensive and storing them correctly can help them last longer. Weather and extreme temperatures can damage your tools, with a truck box you can securely store all your tools. Truck boxes will keep your tools and equipment from sliding around in the bed of the truck and prevent any damages to them while driving.  All truck boxes come with locks so you can safely store your tools without any concern. Investing in a truck box is the best way to prevent thieves from stealing your tools.

WEATHER GUARD®, the industry leader in work truck equipment, has introduced 38 new Saddle and Lo-Side Boxes with an updated, modern appearance and advanced technology to enhance the user experience. The new truck toolboxes build upon the unmatched protection WEATHER GUARD is known for by offering industry-leading benefits, including One Key Simplicity, a high-security locking system, a modernized sloped lid, and PowerSync™ Technology compatibility.

To help streamline end-users day-to-day tasks, the new WEATHER GUARD Saddle and Lo-Side Boxes incorporate a new push lock. The new 1KEY ULTRALOCK from WEATHER GUARD combines superior break-in protection with one key simplicity allowing one key to work across all truck boxes. The new 1KEY ULTRALOCK will also enable distributors to serve customers faster with no extended lead times for special fleet orders.

The WEATHER GUARD 1KEY ULTRALOCK also offers the highest level of security. It includes a 6-plate tumbler that prevents picking and bumping and a large cylinder for added defense. The automotive-grade, weather-resistant shutter helps protect the lock against damage from the elements.

The new Saddle and Lo-Side Boxes feature a sleek design with a sloped lid reinforced with a 0.9 aluminum channel, which increases security by fortifying the box and helps prevent break-ins through lid damage. The lid is easier to use, featuring optimized latching systems and requiring less force to close. In addition, all Saddle and Lo-Side truck tool boxes now feature enhanced tie-down buckles offering larger clearance for universal or multiple straps. And, all WEATHER GUARD boxes arrive pre-drilled, simplifying installation for distributors and end-users.

WEATHER GUARD uses a powder coat finish for lasting durability and reliability.  For extra truck personalization, the boxes are available in a new color: Gunmetal Gray. This is in addition to the current range of colors, including white, gloss black, clear (silver), and textured matte black.

WEATHER GUARD truck boxes are known for their advanced security and technology features, and the new Saddle and Low-Side boxes are no exception. The truck storage boxes are compatible with the company’s innovative PowerSync Technology, a family of state-of-the-art accessories that enhance the WEATHER GUARD boxes to a fully integrated vehicle storage solution. This includes an assortment of coming soon accessories including: enhanced PowerSync Interior truck box Lights and Remote Keyless Entry.

We carry the highest quality brands including, but not limited to WeatherGuard, Better Built, UWS, Adrian Steel, Dee Zee, and Truxedo. There are thousands of truck boxes on the market today. Here at American Ladders & Scaffolds our experts can assist you every step of the way, from choosing the right truck box for your needs to install. Call 860-657-9252 to speak to one of our truck specialists today!


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