Work Vehicle Setup Ideas to Help You Plan Your Upfit

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To get your work done effectively, you need specific tools. While these tools can vary depending on the day and the task at hand, one vital tool remains consistent: your work vehicle. Your work vehicle is more than just simple transportation to and from a job. It’s an important part of your day-to-day routine and a key element of your business. Working with your local distributor to explore work truck setup ideas will result in an upfit built just for the way you work!

So, why not make sure you’re getting the most out of your vehicle by giving it a proper upfit? A customized upfit based around your specific vocational needs boosts productivity – and being more productive means being more profitable!

Benefits of Work Vehicle Upfits

Whether you add a ladder rack, a partition, shelving, storage or other accessories, there are numerous ways to upfit your vehicle and even more advantages! Check out some of the benefits below.

#1 Organization

If your work vehicle is messy, chances are you may not be able to quickly locate the tools you need or even worse, you may misplace them altogether. The time spent rummaging for the right equipment necessary for a job costs time and, as we know, time costs money. Increase and maintain productivity and efficiency by installing the right tools in your vehicle to keep you organized!

#2 Safety

Keeping your work vehicle organized also keeps it safe. When equipment is stored haphazardly or is not properly secured, it can become a danger to you and the other equipment in the vehicle. In the event of a sudden stop or an accident, loose, unsecured items could cause injury to employees or accidentally damage other important equipment.

#3 Efficiency

Have you ever been ready to start a project at home only to realize you’ve misplaced the tool you need? The time spent hunting down the right tool can delay your project, not to mention cause some unneeded frustration. Think of your work vehicle in the same way.

Proper organization not only allows employees to quickly locate the tools they need boosting efficiency, but also aids in managing supply inventory. Storing equipment in the same place helps employees keep track of items and recognize when they may need to be restocked. It also cuts down on repurchasing expensive tools that may be assumed lost. Labeling storage units within your vehicle will also save a lot of time when on the jobsite.

#4 Professional Image

A tidy, organized van symbolizes professionalism and sends a message to customers that you will get the work done correctly and in a timely fashion.

First impressions are important, and an organized van is an opportunity to create a positive imagine in customers’ minds, which in turn reinforces your brand and boosts the likelihood that they will call on your services again in the future. They may even recommend you to their friends and neighbors.

Upfits for Your Trade

Properly planned vehicle upfits can improve efficiency for any vocation. Every trade has unique needs, and Adrian Steel works closely with individuals to ensure specific needs are met for your specific vehicle when planning an upfit package. Below are some ideas for just a few vocations.

Work Truck Setup Ideas for Contractors

As a contractor, you need to be able to respond to the task at hand, which means upfitting your vehicle with a flexible storage solution. Adjustable shelving and drop-in dividers that can be configured for your needs provide storage that can adapt quickly given the job. Locking shelf door kits, drawer units and a cargo partition offer added safety and security.

Work Truck Setup Ideas for HVAC Techs

As a HVAC technician, you must be prepared to work in nearly every condition and adapt quickly as the seasons change. Upfitting your work vehicle to meet these every-changing needs can help you work more efficiently and increase organization. Shelving with drawer units, dividers, door kits, a welded tank rack and a vice mount are just a few items that can help you meet those goals.

Work Truck Setup Ideas for Telecommunication Techs

Whether you’re restoring or installing cable TV service to a home or neighborhood or working on internet connectivity, ensuring your work vehicle is equipped to keep up with the latest technology can help you be successful. Divided shelving, composite drawers, cable and wire reel holders, partitions, and locking cabinets will keep your service calls running smoothly.

Work Truck Setup Ideas for Plumbers

Whether you’re a plumber working out of a standard van or larger cargo trailer, there are a number of accessories and equipment to upfit your vehicle in a way that best benefits your work. Adjustable shelving that can accommodate a variety of cargo, dividers, welded tank racks, vice mounts and partitions will help you increase your day-to-day efficiency.

Work Truck Setup Ideas for General Service & Maintenance Techs

As a general service contractor, no day is the same. Therefore, you need to be prepared to do various jobs on any given day and keeping your work vehicle organized will help you be more efficient and productive. Shelving units, rail kits, dividers, drawers, utility hooks and more will help you achieve just that!

Start with a Trade Package

Every trade requires different needs and American Ladders & Scaffold's is committed to helping you find the best fit for you. Providing high-quality, durable and reliable products.

Our team will work with you to answer questions and customize your upfit package based on the needs of your job and your vehicle. Our goal is to provide you the best in cargo management solutions crafted for the day-to-day work of real technicians. 

Deal with the experts, call 860-657-9252 to schedule your installation!

Tips for Planning Your Work Truck Upfit

There are several factors to consider when planning your work vehicle upfit. Here are a few tips.

Plan Ahead

Consider the various requirements of your job. Taking inventory of the tools and equipment used can help when planning the best method of organization that will allow your or your technicians to complete the work more efficiently. Try to separate the needs of your business and from wants, which can help establish a baseline plan and help stay within a budget. Be sure to begin your upfit planning early so your work vehicle is prepared and ready to go before your busy season begins!

Mindful of Repetition

As you are working out of your vehicle, what steps do you take at each stop? Do you reach for the same tools? What do you need to access the most frequently? Paying attention to the actions you take throughout your work day can provide some helpful information when planning the best configuration for your upfit. Creating a standardized layout in your vehicle can decrease inefficiencies in effect boosting productivity throughout the day.


Many technicians perform repetitive actions throughout the work day. If your work vehicle is disorganized or unsystematic, those repetitive tasks have the potential to cause injury, such as muscle strain, which lends itself to lowered productivity and can affect the overall bottom line.

Upfitting your work vehicle with ergonomics in mind means it will be organized in a way that you can access your equipment in the most efficient and safe manner. For example, storing heavier items near the door or selecting the right ladder rack can decrease the chance of injury keeping everyone safe and keeping the work moving.


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