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You've bought a new truck, now to truly make your truck your own, it’s time to choose some accessories. Here are five popular ways to accessorize your truck.

You’ve researched, you’ve test drove and you’ve negotiated – and now you own a new (or new to you) truck. To truly make your new truck your own, it’s time to choose some accessories. Here are five of the most popular ways to accessorize your new truck.


Even when you’re using your truck for work, it’s still nice to keep the bottoms of your pants dry. By purchasing a set of good quality all-weather floor mats, this is possible!

Choose a set that features a channeled design that funnels melting snow, rainwater and debris away from clothing and carpet. There are many different suppliers available that offer both universal and custom fit selections.

For the best fit, choose a set that has been designed with your specific truck in mind.


Tonneau covers are best known for their aesthetic appeal and ability to cover up the contents of your truck bed. But they have a range of lesser-known benefits, too!

For one, a tonneau cover’s aerodynamic design helps save on gas mileage compared to an open bed. Plus, weather elements no longer play a factor in the appearance of your truck bed. Damage to your truck bed’s contents is prevented from happening due to rain, snow and wind and your truck bed’s contents organized in the same places you originally loaded it.

Even though you just bought your truck and aren’t thinking about selling it already, it’s helpful to know that tonneau covers increase your truck’s resale value, too.


With some models able to carry up to almost 100 pounds, a truck toolbox provides you with the ability to take whatever you need with you. Normally available in aluminum or steel, toolboxes keep your tools neatly organized while also preventing damage to your truck bed.


Tailgate steps make climbing into your truck bed easy and convenient. By supplying a firm footing, you can easily load and unload your truck without getting hurt.

Many different tailgate step models are available, with some being able to be easily kicked away when not in use. Most are adjustable, simple to install (often no drilling is required) and fit inconspicuously underneath the bumper.


We’d be amiss if we didn’t mention purchasing a truck rack for your new wheels!

Highly functional without taking away from your truck’s appearance, a truck rack secures cargo quickly and easily. The rack’s low-profile design makes it easy to park anywhere with a ladder – even downtown or underground. Plus, its compatibility with a tonneau cover means you can have the best of both worlds – bed protection and cargo security. Safety racks, louvered racks, open racks, and other types of racks are also available.


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