A Service Van can be an Essential for your Business

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For any tradesmen or small delivery fleet owner, service vans are a key component in organizing your trade business and an essential element for your day-to-day operations. Your company’s van is a core business purchase that helps define the kind of work you carry out, the type of customers you serve, and the sort of employees you hire. A versatile and cost-effective addition to your trade business, service vans help you carry your tools and workers to and from job sites, serve as a mobile office and offer safe equipment storage space. 

The Ford Transit, RAM ProMaster, Mercedes Benz Sprinter, and Chevrolet Express are among the most popular service van models in North America. Additionally, electric vans like the Ford E-Transit, the Arrival H3L3 and the Brightdrop Zevo 600 are gaining popularity in the market because of their long electric range, extensive configuration options and advanced technology.  

If you are thinking about renovating your service van, consider the advantages: 

Enhanced Security: In addition to offering more space to safely store your business equipment, the enclosed nature of a commercial van provides theft protection and enhanced security for expensive cargo or tools. You can also optimize your van with upfit such as partitions to provide a secure barrier between the occupants in the cab and the cargo area and enhance safety for your employees. 

Customizable to Meet Your Business Needs: Another great benefit of commercial vans is that they can be built and modified specifically to match your business’ needs. Cargo vans allow for a much higher degree of job-specific customization. They also provide the ability to personalize the interior and exterior of the van with upfitting options such as shelves or ladders that can help you stay organized and increase efficiency. 

As a tradesmen or small delivery fleet owner, you can add to the advantages your commercial van offers by adding high quality, lightweight upfit customized to your business needs. Optimizing your vans with an upfit that enhances safety, range, and operation is also a great way to reduce long-term maintenance costs.

As you look to optimize your van, consider American Ladders and Scaffold- an upfit solutions provider that offers a wide range of custom-fit, high-quality solutions such as van shelving systems, partitionsvan flooringladder racks and units that are designed to help you work better and save money.  No matter what your trade, Ranger Design’s high-quality accessories and upfit solutions can be tailored to your every need! 

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