4 Tips to Set Up Your Plumbing Van and Improve Efficiency

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For plumbing and heating professionals, your ability to do business relies greatly on mobility. Therefore, your van is an indispensable asset! Your plumbing work van helps you carry tools and supplies to the jobsite, and helps you get the job done faster and more efficiently. More than a method of conveyance, your work van serves as mobile office, workshop, equipment storage space and break room. A well-organized, properly upfitted plumbing work van is vital to maximize operational efficiency for your business.

Here are four tips to help you organize your plumbing van effectively:


  1. Enhance Your Van with Customized Upfit: The key to a well-organized, efficient work van is identifying accessories and upfit components that will enhance productivity. Evaluate your tools, storage needs, and equipment carefully then plan your upfit to help you efficiently manage the tools you need most often. A customized upfit turns your plumbing truck into an efficient mobile workshop – complete with the appropriate accessories that help ensure you have every tool in place to get the job done well. Upfit options include:
  • Shelves: The right shelving helps you maximize the space in your cargo van and ensures that every fitting, valve, and tool is easily accessible and safely stowed.
  • Storage Bins and Cabinets: Storage bins, cabinets and locking drawer units help you keep all your small parts and tools neatly and securely stored and thus help enhance efficiency.
  • Partitions: Partitions provide a solid barrier between the driver and equipment and are necessary to keep you safe in the event of a collision or sudden stop. Partitions also provide noise suppression, allow for climate control in the cab of the van and reduce the risk of odors or fumes entering the cabin.
  • Ladder Racks: Ladder racks help provide more free space inside your work van by allowing you to load ladders or other equipment on the roof of your van. They also provide plumbers with a place to securely store and organize long pipes and other tools.
  1. Organize from Big to Small: When creating an organized storage system for your plumbing van, you must consider the size of your tools and equipment. Always store larger items on the floor of the van or in the lower compartments of the shelves. Store the smaller tools and items towards the top. This will help you maximize space in your work van and will also make it easier to lift and store heavier tools on the job.
  2. Optimize Your Space Vertically: To optimize room and storage, use the vertical space and stack items vertically along the interior walls of your plumbing van. Upfit solutions such as shelves and cabinets with stackable bins will help you efficiently sort and organize small parts. Use a pegboard and sturdy hooks to hang smaller and medium-sized tools. Additionally, you can use the ceiling effectively by suspending light weight material such as extension cords from a pole installed at the top, across the length of the van.
  3. Use the Doors: One of the most underrated and overlooked plumbing van storage solution ideas is using the van doors! You can easily transform the inner doors of your work van into a convenient storage space for smaller tools. You can also modify the door to stow a hand truck that helps you lift heavy tools in and out of the van.

Customized shelves, storage bins, cabinets, hooks, parts keepers and dividers will maximize the space in your cargo van and help you safely and securely store and transport all your equipment.

As you look to optimize your plumbing work van to enhance productivity and efficiency, consider American Ladders & Scaffolds. We have several Ranger Design plumbing van packages and versatile upfit solutions such as locking drawer units designed to safely store your tools, as well as van shelving units that are the perfect fit to let you organize and maximize your cargo van’s space.

American Ladders &Scaffolds can help you transform and optimize your plumbing van setup with a customized, high-quality upfit. Contact us today to learn more!




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