What Makes a Happy Workplace for Employees?

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When going into work every day, you and your employees want it to be a space that encourages growth, comfort, and knowledge. When you work in a dangerous environment, it can make daily life stressful, which can lead to work not getting done and an increased risk of injuries on the job. 

Employees should always come first, especially since the work wouldn’t get done without them. So, American Ladders and Scaffolding has some tips on how to make your job site a positive space for your staff.

Listen and Pay Attention

If there are any issues on a worksite, whether it’s about a certain part of the project or the tools being used, it’s essential to listen to fellow workers. Hear out what everyone has to say, especially if there’s an issue that needs to be addressed. The best way to get an idea of how everyone feels is by listening and paying attention to what they all have to pitch in. 

Safety First

A safe environment is a happy one! For various construction sites, jobs that require ladders and scaffolding, and any kind of hardhat projects, safety should always come first. While working with dangerous heights, materials, and more, it’s essential that employees feel safe. And without this stress, they can feel at ease. 

Safety Training

A few ways to ensure a job site’s safety is through various OSHA mandatory safety training. These will cover ladders, scaffolding, fall protection, and more, ensuring that staff knows how to use these items, what to do in an emergency, and how to ensure the safety of others. Topics often covered include: 

  • Ladders:
    • Proper selection, material, sizes & types
    • The inspection process and key areas of concern
    • Correct setup and use
  • Scaffolds:
    • OSHA requirements for competent person training
    • Valid selection, types & use
    • Guardrail and access requirements
    • Rolling tower requirements
  • Fall Protection:
    • Personal fall arrest systems
    • Guardrails and custom access solutions
    • Donning and doffing of a full-body harness
    • Connection devices
    • Anchors, types, and requirements
    • Fall restraint in man lifts

And more!

Get in Contact With Us to Keep Your Workers Safe

Safety is our top priority here at American Ladders & Scaffolds. We offer Scaffolding, Ladder and Fall Protection Competent Person safety training classes for supervisors, forepersons and employees to ensure fewer injuries and accidents happen while on the job. Give us a call at 860-657-9252 or email us at: Office@AmericanLadders.com, and you’ll speak to a trained expert, ready to assist you with all your safety needs.

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