What Is An Attic Ladder?

Depending on the style of many homes, there are different ways to access other areas within the four walls. For many, stairs are the sure-fire way to get anywhere. But in some areas, stairs just don’t fit. Take your attic for example — how do you get up there without a staircase? In comes an attic ladder! The space-saving solution to everything which allows for access but discreet enough to barely notice! See below for more information.

What Exactly Is An Attic Ladder?

In short, an attic ladder is something that helps you climb to the top layer of your home with ease, also allowing for storage so that it doesn’t take up much room. What this does for many is open up another area for storage — especially the stuff that needs to be kept out of reach and in areas where it’s better off hidden until needed. There are two different options for attic ladders you can choose from in your home.

What Types Of Ladders Are There?

Attic ladders come in two popular choices. One is a traditional ladder, which must be retrieved and used by angling it against a surface and climbing up. For many homes, this isn’t a popular choice anymore, however it can be a better option for some who are not ready to convert. On the other hand, there is the fold down attic ladder, which attaches via the roofing and reveals a ladder by extending or folding outward. This is the popular choice because it can be altered and painted to match and not stick out as much as you think.

If you have a need for a ladder that leads to your attic, it’s a good idea to make sure that it’s the right fit for your home, and it’s in good enough shape to climb. If you’re interested in finding one, make sure to browse our vast selection of attic ladders to choose which option makes sense for your home!


For almost 30 years, American Ladders & Scaffolds has been supplying the construction industry with the highest quality climbing equipment available on the market. We’re also the largest supplier of these materials in the nation, and are proud to offer both training and service truck service center. For more information or to place an order, give us a ring a 1-(866)-657-9252, and make sure to like us on Facebook!

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