Training Classes Offered through American Ladders

Scaffold Competent Person Training

The main objective is to provide comprehensive scaffold safety training covering five of the most serious scaffolding hazards: Falls, Unsafe Access, Falling Objects, Electrocution, and Collapses. The remainder of the course covers scaffolding safety from all angles including scaffolding components, foundation requirements, regulations, fall protection systems, access methods, erecting & dismantling techniques.

Designed for those who are supervisors, foreman and employees that erect scaffolds and oversee scaffold erection.


Scaffold User Requirements – OSHA 1926.451 (f) (7) and OSHA 1926.454 (A & B)

Scaffold OSHA reg’s:

Practical training is given emphasis, so students can gain hands-on experience. Classroom training and hands-on training are both provided


  • Competent Person Training for Frame Scaffolding
  • Proper Inspection
  • Carpenter’s Scaffolds
  • Access Methods
  • Standards and Regulations
  • Foundation Requirements
  • Platforms and Platform Materials
  • Scaffold Erection & Dismantling Procedures
  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • Scaffolding Tools

There is a 3-year SAIA certificate and wallet card issued to each passing student. 

If a student fails, there is one free retake (must be within 12 months).

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Competent Person Fall Protection Training

This is a comprehensive 2-day class taught by accredited instructors. To teach the course, instructors use live demonstrations and product displays. This class focuses on a variety of fall protection topics which include proper fall protection selection, passive vs. active system, hazard identification, fall protection and rescue fundamentals, standards and regulations, connector compatibility, clearance requirements, safety nets, ladder and safety inspection, and controlled access zones.


  • Proper Fall Protection Selection
  • Passive vs. Active Systems
  • Hazard Identification
  • Fall Protection and Rescue Fundamentals
  • Standards and Regulations
  • Connector Compatibility
  • Clearance Requirements
  • Safety Nets
  • Ladder Safety Inspection
  • Controlled Access Zones

This class provides a certificate of completion.

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Safety Awareness Class: Ladder, Scaffold & Fall Protection

We offer FOUR different Safety Awareness Classes

  1. Ladder Safety
  2. Scaffold Safety
  3. Fall Protection
  4. Combination Class: Ladder, Scaffold, and Fall Protection Safety

Each class is two hours. Within that time, it emphasizes the value of recognizing hazards, following OSHA regulations, and avoiding fines. The individual topic classes will focus on a specific safety category, such as ladders, scaffolds, or fall protection. In contrast, the class that covers all the topics simultaneously will incorporate the most important aspects from the three categories.

The safety awareness training uses product displays and demonstrations to showcase the newest equipment and technology available. 

Topics Covered:

  • Ladders:
    • Proper selection, material, sizes & types.
    • Inspection process and key areas of concern.
    • Correct setup and use.
  • Scaffolds:
    • OSHA requirements for Competent Person Training.
    • Proper selection, types & use.
    • Guardrail and Access requirements.
    • Rolling Tower Requirements.
  • Fall Protection:
    • Personal Fall Arrest Systems.
    • Guardrails and Custom access solutions
    • Donning and doffing of full body harness
    • Connection devices.
    • Anchors, Types, and Requirements.
    • Fall Restraint in man Lifts.

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Ladder Safety & Inspection Training

The importance of ladder safety and inspection training is thoroughly explained by our competent instructors. They provide knowledge about proper selection of ladders for your job, how to inspect the ladder, and perform future inspections on all ladder inventory.

Topics Covered:

  • Ladder Selection
  • Proper inspection of ladders
  • Handling and transporting ladders to prevent damage and injury.
  • Proper and safe ladder use

The class provides a wallet card certification of completion. 

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