Scaffold Training: Where To Start

The Basics of Scaffold Training

Using a scaffold over a ladder has its advantages. For instance, it provides workers with more mobility at any height. However, with more room to move around comes an increased risk of injury — especially if the scaffolding is set up incorrectly or misused. 

The American Ladders & Scaffolds, Inc. experts share some essential tips on what every worker should learn before using scaffolding.

Learn How to Erect and Dismantle Scaffolding

When it comes to assembling scaffolding, no detail should be overlooked; every piece of the “puzzle” plays a vital role for stability, as well as safety. When signing up for a comprehensive one-day scaffold training class, your instructor will teach you how to correctly assemble (and disassemble scaffolding) scaffolding.

Understand Scaffolding Standards and Regulations

Through professional scaffold training, one will learn the OSHA standards and regulations of using a scaffold. This will go over general requirements for scaffolds (§1926.451), as well as the specific scaffold (§1926.452) and aerial lift requirements (§1926.453) needed in the construction industry. Also, this will review vital foundation requirements and access methods.

Review Scaffolding Tools and Proper Usage

In addition to the various parts that make a scaffold sturdy and safe, scaffolding tools can be added to aid with multiple projects. For example, tools, such as a T510045 60ft material hoist, can be used to raise and lower loads up to 450 pounds — a big help to any worker needing to transport materials from the ground up.

Scaffold Training in Glastonbury, Connecticut

Since 1988, American Ladders & Scaffolds, Inc. has been one of the nation’s largest scaffolds, ladders, and truck equipment suppliers. We provide comprehensive, quality classroom and practical scaffold training that you won’t find anywhere else. Also, as a proud family-owned business, we’re every contractor’s go-to since we provide unparalleled customer service and quality products.

To register for our scaffold training in Glastonbury, Connecticut, give us a call at (860) 657-9252!

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