Safewaze Heavyweight Free-Standing Anchor

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The Heavyweight Free-Standing Anchor is designed for roofs with slopes of 5° or less, where penetration of the roof substrate is not allowed. This counterweighted anchor has a center-mounted swivel point that rotates with worker movement. Anchor point designed for use with SRLs.


  • Temporary non-penetrating rooftop solution
  • Easy assembly and installation
  • Swivel anchor attachment to accommodate different length SRLs
  • (16) counterweight plates weighing 50 lbs. each
  • For roof slopes of 5° or less


Materials: Steel plates and hardware
Weight: 830 lbs. total from (16) 50 lb. plates, 20 lb. mounting plates, 11 lb. swivel bracket
Length: 4'-6' x 3'-3' footprint
Breaking Strength: 5,000 lbs. minimum
ANSI Weight Capacity: 130-310 lbs. (59-141 kg)
OSHA Weight Capacity: Up to 420 lbs. (191 kg)
OSHA Standards: 1926.502, 1910.66