Ranger Design HVAC Van Shelving Package, Ford Transit Med Roof, 130” WB – FTR-12

Ranger Design
Price : $4,040.99

Product Description

HVAC Package, Ford Transit Medium Roof, 130” Wheelbase Model: FTR-12

  • Application: Interior
  • Composition: Steel
  • Install Time (hrs): 5.82
  • QuickShip: Yes
  • Weight: 367 lbs

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N5 Series Cargo Van Shelving, 48″ Wide, 4 Trays

Steel Shelving Unit for High Roof Van, 14″ x 62″ x 48″.
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N5 Series Cargo Van Shelving, 84″ Wide, 4 Trays

Steel Shelving Unit for High Roof Van, 14″ x 62″ x 84″.
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Refrigerant Rack For Cargo Vans, Square Back Unit

3 Tier refrigerant rack for cargo vans, square back unit, for large bottles, 14″d x 13″w x 43″h.
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Van Partition, Straight, Perf Window, Ford Transit MR

Straight van partition with perforated window, steel, no access, Ford Transit StandardRoof.
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77 Series, Aluminum Shelving Door for 48″ Openings

48″ / 96″ Adjustable and lockable aluminum shelving door (45″ openings).
Model: 77-U1048

Van Shelving Bin, 14″ Deep × 7

14″ deep plastic bin with a center divider.
Model: 62-U1114

Van Shelving Set of 5 Dividers with Clips, 14″ depth × 2

Set of 5 adjustable dividers for a 14″ deep shelf.
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Steel Van Cabinet, 2 Drawer × 2

Steel van cabinet, compact, 2-drawer, Fleetline.
Model: X50-B.

5 Slot Paper Holder Cargo Van Accessory

5 Slot paper holder for cargo vans, deep, 33/4″d X 123/4″w X 24″h.
Model: 6063.

6 Inch Hook, Cargo Van Accessory

6″ Hook for cargo vans, tumbled aluminum, 3″ opening.
Model: 6070.

8 Inch Swivel Hook, Cargo Van Accessory

8″ Swivel Hook for cargo vans, tumbled aluminum, 4″ opening.
Model: 6072.

Large Aluminum Bottle Restraint For Cargo Vans, 8×24

Large aluminum bottle restraint for cargo vans, 8″w X 24″h, comes with two black nylon straps.
Model: 6088.

Strap Specifications:
Color: Black
Material: Textured polyester
Strap elongation: 3-5%
Minimum breaking strength: 500lbs