Model 600-8130R Commercial Shelving Van Package, Full-Size, NV2500, 146 WB

Weather Guard
Price : $2,084.99

Product Description


Designed for basic jobsite requirements and delivery service, the Model 600-8130R van package for Full-size, 146in wheel base Nissan NV2500 vans provides cargo van shelving sized to fit the commercial van interior that can be adjusted to meet any storage needs. It includes a sturdy van bulkhead partition for maximum protection against shifting loads. Additional van products are available to create a custom van storage solution.


  • Fits Full-Size, 146in wheel base Nissan NV2500 commercial van interiors
  • Includes 44in high adjustable cargo van shelving and a mesh van bulkhead
  • Add Model 209-3-03 All-Purpose Van Roof Rack and 2113-0-01 Van Rack Mounting Kit for a work-ready van
  • Additional van products available to create a custom commercial van interior


96201-3-01 1 Model 96201-3-01 Window Bulkhead, Mid/High-Roof, Nissan NV
96901-3-01 1 Model 96901-3-01 Swing Door Conversion Kit
9353-3-03 2 Model 9353-3-03 Adjustable 3 Shelf Unit, 44in x 36in x 13.5in
975501-3-01 1 Model 975501-3-01 Van Shelf Mounting Kit, Nissan NV, Low Roof, 146in Wheelbase
9355-3-03 1 Model 9355-3-03 Adjustable 3 Shelf Unit, 44in x 52in x 13.5in
9893-7-01 1 Model 9893-7-01 Three Hook Cord Tool Holder
9604-3-01 2 Model 9604-3-01 Accessory Back Panel, 14.5in tall for 42in Shelf Unit
9605-3-01 1 Model 9605-3-01 Accessory Back Panel, 14.5in tall for 52in Shelf Unit


Trade Commercial Shelving
Vehicle Brand, Model NV2500
Wheel Base (in) 130
Approx. Shipping Weight (lb) 359
Roof Height High Yes
Roof Height Mid Yes
Vehicle Type, Full Yes
Nissan NV Yes