Jeraco Mid-Rise Series Truck Cap

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Product Description

Jeraco Mid-Rise Series Truck Caps

Whether for work or play if you need a cap with extra space the Jeraco Mid-Rise Series has it.  With a full size rear door and extra headroom our Mid-Rise truck cap offers superior functionality while still maintaining a sleek sporty appearance. With the look and  feel of a factory-installed unit the Jeraco  Mid-Rise is a natural accessory for your  truck.

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Standard Features

Basecoat / Clearcoat Baked On Axalta Automotive Finish
Reinforced Fiberglass Structure
Premium Unfilled Resin
5/8″ Honey Comb Roof Insert
Dual Lock Radius Rear Door
Rubber Mounted Side Sliding Windows w/ Screens
Front Picture Window
Tempered Safety Glass
LED Brake Light
LED 12 Volt Dome Light
Lifetime Limited Warranty

Optional Features

Solid Fiberglass Front
Front Sliding Window
Front Tilt Down Sliding Window
Front Tilt Down Picture Window
Yakima Stationary Roof Rack
Yakima Adjustable Roof Rack
​TracRack CapRac Roof Rack
Solid Fiberglass Sides
Side Access Doors
Side Sliding Access Doors
Panelled Side Access Doors
LED Battery Dome Light
Carpeted Headliner
24″ Plastic Clothes Rack
Fiberglass Rear Door Insert
Fiberglass Tool Boxes
Front Roof Ports