Adrian Steel Drop Down Ladder Rack

Price : $770.99$2,846.37


Product Description

The Drop-Down ladder rack is designed to bring your ladder to you at a low, comfortable height so you can safely load and unload it with two hands. That means you or your technicians can avoid over-reaching, straining and climbing when loading and unloading ladders—decreasing the risk of injury and downtime! But that’s not the only benefit…

  • Technicians 5’4” or taller can operate with ease.
  • Tightly secures ladders during transportation to reduce rattling and other driver distractions.
  • Designed with twist-to-adjust knobs to easily fit any ladder without tools.
  • Drops ladder down to a comfortable load & unload position.

Exclusive twist-to-adjust features!

Most ladder racks on the road aren’t adjusted to fit the ladder they are carrying. The Drop-Down ladder rack has twist to adjust knobs to quickly change widths without tools, keeping your ladder secure, eliminating rattling, and lessening cab noise and driver distractions.


Decrease downtime and reduce the risk of injury.

Designed so that you never have to lift the entire weight of the ladder onto the rack again, the Drop-Down ladder rack lowers to a comfortable height for operators 5’4” or taller, allowing you to remove your ladder quickly and safely with your feet firmly on the ground.


Expect top performance all day, every day.

Our most durable and corrosion-resistant ladder rack ever! Tested under extreme real-world conditions like cycle testing and corrosion testing, you can expect them to work every day just like day one. And the Drop-Down ladder rack includes these additional perks, because success is in the details:

  • Included guard rail to protect your van
  • Attached handle for quick access
  • Wide base to accommodate 10-12 foot step ladders

Mechanically Load Ladders

Save time and energy by never lifting the whole weight of the ladder on or off of your vehicle again.

Ladder Protection and Security

Four clamp pads provide peace of mind that your ladders will remain secure during your commute. You can also add a padlock to protect your ladders from theft.

Corrosion Resistant

Made of aluminum and stainless steel, this ladder rack is built to withstand the elements over time.

Ladder Compatibility

Our standard Drop Down Ladder Rack will accommodate 16’-28’ extension ladders. Shorter ladders will need a step ladder kit add-on and longer ladders will need an extension add-on.

No Drill Installation

This ladder rack is easy to install, no drill required!

Ford Passenger Side (Single) Dual Sided Drop Down, Grip Lock Combo
Transit Low Roof 130″ & 148″ DDLR61FTL DDLR63FTL DDLR64FTL2
Transit Mid Roof 130″ & 148″ DDLR61FTM DDLR63FTM
Transit High Roof 148″ & 148″ Extended DDLR61FTH DDLR63FTH
Transit Connect 105″ & 120″ n/a n/a n/a
GM Passenger Side (Single) Dual Sided Drop Down, Grip Lock Combo
Express/Savana 135″ DDLR61GM2 DDLR63GM2 DDLR64GM2
Express/Savana 155″ DDLR61GM2 DDLR63GM2 DDLR64GM2
Ram Passenger Side (Single) Dual Sided Drop Down, Grip Lock Combo
ProMaster Low Roof 118” DD61PML118 DD63PML118
ProMaster Low Roof 136” DD61PML136 DD63PML136
ProMaster High Roof 136” DD61PMH136 DD63PMH136
ProMaster High Roof 159″ DD61PMH159 DD63PMH159
ProMaster High Roof 159″ Extended DD61PMHEXT DD63PMHEXT
ProMaster City n/a n/a n/a
Nissan Passenger Side (Single) Dual Sided Drop Down, Grip Lock Combo
NV High Roof 146” DDLR61NVH DDLR63NVH
NV200 n/a n/a n/a
Mercedes Passenger Side (Single) Dual Sided Drop Down, Grip Lock Combo
Sprinter Low Roof 144” * DDLR61SPL DDLR63SPL
Sprinter High Roof 170” & 170” Extended * DDLR61SPH DDLR63SPH
Metris 126″ & 135″ n/a n/a n/a