Adrian Steel PHVAC Package- Transit Low Roof 148″ WB

Price : $3,701.99

Product Description

PHVAC Repair Package – Transit 148″ WB Low Roof

This PHVAC Repair Interior is designed to fit the 148″ wheelbase, low roof Ford Transit.

1AD44FPADseries Shelf Unit 44″3
2RK148FTSRail Kit 148″ TR1
3DV14C8Divider Kit of 81
4919Three Drawer Combo1
5S1M2HC2FSVPartition with door1
6WTR230150Welded Tank Rack1
719Two Drawer Shallow2
8DC6Drawer Component 6″3
9DC12Drawer Component 12″1
10DK42088″ Door Kit2
11TA1WADThree Hook Bar1
12RKAWTRTank Holder Adapter1
13WKC1FDTSPartition Wing Kit1