Acro-Chicken Ladder 6′ Ladder Section

Price : $139.99

Product Description

Chicken Ladder 6′ Ladder Section ONLY- AL-11601

Combine Hook #11610 & Up to Four 6′ Ladder Sections #11601

Creates Rolling Positional Climbing and Staging aid up to 24′ Long

  •   Raised Solid Steel Rungs are Hand Welded
  •   10 in. Hook has ½ in. Reinforcement Rod
  •   Wheel on Hook to Roll-Up Roof without Damage
  •   Ideal for Staging Material & Quick On and Off Work
  •   Also Known as a “Crawling Board” or “Crawl Board”

Optional Padding Kit Prevents Marring of Roofing Material

Makes Working on Steep Slopes Faster & Safer