Our Four Different Safety Classes

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When it comes to comprehensive safety training, we here at American Ladders offer the best in the business. For all our scaffolding and ladder products, we want to ensure supervisors and employees all understand how to use everything correctly— and safely. So, when you sign up for one of our safety courses, you can feel at ease knowing that work-related injuries will lessen significantly. 


Here’s everything you need to know about the main four ladder, scaffold, and fall protection safety classes we offer:

Each Safety Awareness Course

All of our classes are two hours long, allowing plenty of time to emphasize the value of recognizing hazards, following OSHA regulations, and avoiding fines. Our four main courses include: 

  1. Ladder Safety
  2. Scaffold Safety
  3. Fall Protection
  4. Combination Class: Ladder, Scaffold, and Fall Protection Safety

The individual topic classes will focus on specific safety categories, such as ladders, scaffolds, or fall protection. In contrast, the course covering all the topics simultaneously will incorporate essential aspects from the three categories.

What is Covered in These Courses

Our classes meet regularly, so when you sign up, you can look forward to an in-depth class following these topics: 

  • Ladders:
    • Proper selection, material, sizes & types.
    • The inspection process and critical areas of concern.
    • Correct setup and use.
  • Scaffolds:
    • OSHA requirements for competent person training.
    • Proper selection, types & use.
    • Guardrail and access requirements.
    • Rolling tower requirements.
  • Fall Protection:
    • Personal fall arrest systems.
    • Guardrails and custom access solutions.
    • Donning and doffing full-body harnesses.
    • Connection devices.
    • Anchors, types, and requirements.
    • Fall Restraint in man Lifts.


Why Safety Training is Important

Not only is training required by OSHA, but it also gives supervisors, forepersons, and employees important tips and information on what to do during any situation. From emergencies to handling the tools and equipment, every bit of knowledge learned in one of our safety training courses helps workers and employers understand how to keep a safe, clean, and worry-free work environment. 

Get in Contact With Us to Keep Your Workers Safe

Safety is our top priority here at American Ladders & Scaffolds. We offer Scaffolding, Ladder and Fall Protection Competent Person safety training classes for supervisors, forepersons and employees to ensure fewer injuries and accidents happen while on the job. Give us a call at 860-657-9252 or email us at: Office@AmericanLadders.com, and you’ll speak to a trained expert, ready to assist you with all your safety needs.

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