November Brand Spotlight: Little Giant

Each month, we like to highlight some of the top brands we carry, with their products and benefits to your work. Each item you bring to the jobsite is likely an imperative part of completing your work, and the right tools can always make the process easier. This month, we’re going to focus on Little Giant and some of the products that can be used to benefit you and your crew on-site. Take a look below!

Little Giant

Little Giant is one of the world leaders in ladder technology, and for good reason! There are a ton of options for everything you need from extendable ladders, to small units for your jobs, all the way down to stepladders for the tiniest of jobs. Whatever it is you need, Little Giant has put all of their effort in an attempt to make the best products available for any job requiring a ladder and elevation.

For almost 30 years, American Ladders & Scaffolds has been supplying the construction industry with the highest quality climbing equipment available on the market. We’re also the largest supplier of these materials in the nation, and are proud to offer both training and service truck service center. For more information or to place an order, give us a ring a 1-(866)-657-9252, and make sure to like us on Facebook!

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