Ladder Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

A ladder is one of the most common tools used in construction. They are frequently seen as necessary for doing any work that requires a height advantage. The problem with ladders, however, is that they can be extremely dangerous if not handled properly.

That is why we want to share some essential ladder safety rules that every worker, supervisor, foreperson, or homeowner should know about. Before you start your next project, keep these tips in mind.

Never Climb Alone

It’s not a good idea to hop on a ladder all by yourself without anyone knowing. Have a co-worker, friend, or family-member hold the step while you climb, or at least spot you to make sure you climb up alright. Someone should always know what you are doing!

Make Sure You Have The Correct Set-Up

Before you start climbing, please take a minute to inspect how your ladder is set up and whether or not it’s safe. Make sure the ladder is on level ground before climbing it! It should be stable, with no broken rungs or loose steps, since an improperly-placed or unbalanced step could cause you to lose balance and fall off the ladder.

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

A lot more goes into just placing your ladder down and climbing. Be aware of your surroundings when climbing up or down a ladder during any job or project. Always make sure there are no power lines overhead when you’re working on a roof-line or high surface, and use caution around any open water sources.

Keep The Season In Mind

This is especially important to remember during winter and spring, as the ice or rain could make conditions unsafe. If the weather isn’t working with you one day, do not try to go against it. Rain or ice can make the ground slippery, and so can fallen leaves, so keep in mind which days or seasons would be the best to work on your project during.

We’ve Got Your Ladder Safety Needs Covered

Safety is our top priority here at American Ladders & Scaffolds. When you invest with us, we will provide you with quality products and all the right safety measurements or training. Give us a call at 860-657-9252 and you’ll speak to a trained expert on the other end of the line, ready to assist you with all your climbing needs.

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