3 Ways To Stay Safe On The Jobsite

Preventing injuries is something we at American Ladders shoot to do every time we hear about someone working on a job, or buying new tools for that exact purpose. Because there are a ton of things that can go wrong, it’s only right to assume that unless properly trained for the unexpected, everyone might be in danger. This is why to combat the issue, we’ve compiled a number of training measures that you can take to stay safe on the job!

Take Classes

Taking a competent training course is perhaps one of the easier ways to keep yourself safe when you’re out on the jobsite. Coincidentally, we offer these training courses throughout the year and they go over everything you’ll need to know to prevent injuries in a number of different situations.

Proper Equipment

One of the other main reasons for injury is having the wrong equipment for the job. This can happen with people who wish to cut corners in order to speed up their process, as well as those who just don’t feel like paying for the right tools and equipment. What might seem like it could save a few bucks could very well turn into thousands in hospital bills if performed incorrectly.

Get Help

Instead of doing a job by yourself, make sure you have someone else helping you along your way. Whether they’re holding tools and handing them up to you or keeping the ladder steady, another set of hands never hurts. Use this for your larger projects that warrant a buddy or co-worker who can help. Sometimes, the price of a pizza and a few drinks far outweighs the cost of a trip to the ER.


For almost 30 years, American Ladders & Scaffolds has been supplying the construction industry with the highest quality climbing equipment available on the market. We’re also the largest supplier of these materials in the nation, and are proud to offer both training and service truck service center. For more information or to place an order, give us a ring a 1-(866)-657-9252, and make sure to like us on Facebook!

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