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Wall Jacks

Wood Wall Jacks

The Wall Jack is used to raise walls and beams and tighten flooring and decking. Made of heavy duty, malleable cast iron, the wall jack rides up and down on a 2-by-4-foot pole, working like a car jack for dozens of construction uses. To lift walls and beams insert a length of ¾ inch (OD) pipe (not included) to act as a lever. The Wall jack has a capacity of 1,000 pounds with the use of a 2x4 (actual measurement is 1½" by 3½") made of clear, straight-grained fir wood, free of knots and defects. The jack is intended to meet OSHA safety regulations when instructions are carefully followed. The Wind Hook Accessory Kit provides a complete wall lifting system and can be purchased separately and includes base plate and wind hook cable assembly.


  • Constructed of heavy duty malleable iron castings
  • Designed for use with one 2 x 4 pole
  • Capacity: 1000 lbs. per jack
  • For use with 1” OD steel pipe
  1. Cable:  5/32" galvanized aircraft cable.

  2. Winch: Standard two-way rachet winch.  Operates similar to a bumper jack.  It may be jacked down, one notch at a time until the load is removed, after which the cable may be pulled out freely.

  3. The Adjustable Wall Stop must be pre-set for the proper wall height.  Various settings are listed on the decal. (Settings are approximately 1.45 times the wall height.)

  4. Lifting is accomplished by the ratchet winch.  Loads may be raised or lowered by setting the up-down lever.

  5. Double Headed Nails secure the hinged floor plate to the subfloor.  If on concrete, a plank may be extended to a solid object and used as a substitute. The plank must be secured to prevent it from slipping or lifting during the wall lift.

  6. Telescopes to the closed position for storage and hauling.

Extended Length     16’          20’         23’

Closed Length          9’6”        11’6”     12’6”

Weight (per jack)     53#          75#         85#

Wall Lift               7’/10’6”   8’/13’6”   9’/15’6”


(per jack)             1000lbs     500lbs      500lbs

The Wall Brace offers a fast and effective way to brace and align walls. There is no longer a need for costly and time consuming lumber bracing. The fast thread design makes the wall brace easy to use and allows for partition and exterior walls to be accurately positioned. The wall brace adjusts from ten-and-a-half feet (10½') to eleven-and-a-half feet (11½').


  • All steel construction
  • Powder coated for durability
  • Adjustable from 10½' to 11½'
  • Fast thread design makes for easy use